Mediation provides a private, non-pressured environment and confidential space. It enables you to discuss your concerns whether financial or relating to your children and work through them to find the best solution for you both and your family.

Mediation also offers flexible timescales that suit you both and a more cost-effective way of resolving issues following your separation.

Mediators are neutral and impartial. They will meet with you and your partner to identify the concerns you cannot agree on and help you try and resolve them.

As mediators we will provide you with lots of information. This will make sure that you feel confident about your decisions in resolving finances and any child arrangements, both now and in the future.

We offer the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAMS). It is a requirement that anybody wanting to go to court should attend a MIAMS, subject to some exceptions, to find out about mediation and other non-court, dispute resolution options.

We work with independent financial advisors, pension experts, company valuers, family consultants and other professionals who may be able to offer assistance and value during the process as appropriate.

Please contact either Lisa Carter or Kristy Nelson who are trained mediators if you wish to discuss the mediation process further.